Je vous souhaite des rêves à n'en plus finir et l'envie furieuse d'en réaliser quelques uns. Jacques Brel. #rêves #dreams

I wish you have endless dreams and the furious desire to accomplish a few of them

The Muppets...The only good thing that happened on the Muppets show was the old grumpy guys. They sat there and heckled everyone that took the stage. Keep it up you old coots!

You know what is vastly under appreciated and under rated? The Muppets. The Muppets are great. The Muppet Movie is classic.

Jacques Brel

"The single fact of dreaming is already very important. I wish you to resist stalemate, indifference, negative virtues of our time. I wish you most of all to be you.

Angel Dreams (The Wishing Song) - YouTube

Angel Dreams (The Wishing Song) - YouTube

Wayfinding, navigation, young coconuts, maui, stars, astronomy, belief, voyaging, bioluminescent algae

Moana - loved it! Made me cry, wish my Samoan grandmother was still alive to teach me more about my heritage

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Falling in love? Here's the playlist you need to tell someone just how special they are to you. Listen to the 44 love songs here!

44 Songs Perfect For Falling in Love

Birthday Wish for My Son | Lyric Sheet for original birthday wishes song My Birthday Wish For You ...

Lyric Sheet for original birthday wishes song My Birthday Wish For You, by Andrea Carter

A glance at one of Willian Santiago's many bold and vibrant characters and one can't help but wish they'd come alive - even for a second, just enough to find out a little bit more. Where are they going? Where do they live? What's their favorite song? What inspired their über chic ensembles?! My

Willian Santiago

Ou pas... L'été c'est mieux !!

°°Vive la rentrée !°°

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*** un bouquet pour toi mon amour. J'espère que le mien reste gravé dans ton coeur <3

It's today: 1 st. of May, so want to send to all beautiful friends on this board created by our sweet friend ☼♪♥ DONNA ♥♪☼, a bouquet of white Roses and Lily of the Valley with a little song. Wishing you all a wonderful month of May with Love and Happines