The Pipo Chair crafted by designer Alejandro Estrada. #design

Chair with Sexy Curves Constructed Entirely from Two Pieces of Plywood

The Pipo Chair, produced for sale by Guatemalan manufacturer Piegatto, was imagined to utilize wood as the sole material for the entire design.

When You Can’t Afford the “Real Deal”: 5 Alternatives to the Wishbone Chair

Design, Decoded: Hans Wegner and The Wishbone Chair

Winter Greetings!~

I suggest finding an old worn out chair, even a rocking chair at a yard sale or thrift store, spot spray it white and spot sand it to create an olden look. Then put a planter with a fake poinsettia in it and place on the seat, if you desire.

Just bought some old wooden chairs to do this with! So excited. I love how simple the tips are on this page

Ombre Windsor Chairs

Love these 3 colors ~ turquoise–Martha Stewart Yucca Plant, aqua–Martha Stewart Sea Glass, lime green-Glidden Granny Smith, sage-Glidden Spanish Olive

Check out the tutorial how to make DIY wooden modern chairs for home decor @istandarddesign

15 Easy DIY Chairs for a Home Decor Friendly Project

Check out the tutorial how to make DIY wooden modern chairs for home decor DIY Home Decor Ideas - Industry Standard Design

Rustic | My Wood Carving Adventure: Completed Rustic Bench

Rustic, Cottonwood Bench This is the first of 3 rustic, cottonwood benches I'm making this week. It's displayed on scaffold boards so do.

Live Creating Yourself.: LCY Yard Sale!

LCY Yard Sale!

Love this house tour Nasafi Grayce sunburst mirror // USA white table // bookshelf styling // mantle // leaned prints // Live Creating Yourself Eiffel Tower // Paris Print Shop Ferris Wheel // photography by Stoffer Photography

clever shelf made from old chair with legs removed

Creative Yard Display~ Paint the top of an old chair, remove the legs (or maybe the legs were broken) and hang it outside to create a great flower garden shelf display. repurpose an old chair

awesome Check out this property for sale on Rightmove!

Check out this property for sale on Rightmove

Cosy contemporary country living room with tartan check chairs. Why not head on over to join our FREE interior design resource library at www.