You haven't been through what we seen, so don't even think about saying anything again.  ❤️

Blog for Mental Health 2014- A Continuing Journey

The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about - true strength

Le marque-page de Harry potter !!!!

Real life freeze-frame from the worlds most intense game of capture the flag

Probably the best picture I've ever seen of planes and ships during WW II. Wow.

and fly in formation during surrernder ceremoneis, Tokyo, Japan - USS Missouri left foreground - Sept 1945

Wow! I would love to have this I don't think I would ever be bored

Lights mirror and makeup storage // needs more natural lights but mirror is great Makeup station

WarCraft-Timeline also here for books in order:

Timeline of the World of Warcraft [infographic]

France: at least America came up with their own and didn't steal ours  England: Well at least England didn't steal an entire language *cough*it's called ENGLISH for a reason*cough*

Eggplants: The True Plant of Freedom

The world war was started with an eggplant. No one cares Canada