X-Force by Simone Bianchi


Comic book illustration of Wolverine made by digital artist Simone Bianchi for Uncanny X-Force

"Wolverine and Domino" by Gabriele Dell'Otto

Wolverine & Domino by Gabriele Dell'Otto (X-Force: Sex and Violence Super hero, X-men

This winter, we can expect to see an X-Men event that will bring the X-Men and the Inhumans into head-on collision! We'll learn the fate of Cyclops!

The X-Men And The Inhumans Are Finally Going Head-To-Head!

These results were determined by the Comicvine users on November 2013 in the form of a Give A Point Game that lasted twenty-six days.

Uncanny X-Force by Kris Anka. I love the lighting in everything he does! It's so amazing!

Ms Marvel trapped color commission for lines by colors by me of course character copyright marvel comics 2011

Psylocke vs Sentinel - Minkyu Jung

Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock) by Minkyu Jung - X-Men - Marvel Comics

Cover art for Uncanny X-Force vol. 2 #1. Artwork by Olivier Coipel.

Comic Book Day: Sam Humphries Talks “Uncanny X-Force” and Aztecs

Uncanny X-Force / Cover artist: Olivier Coipel / A new X-Force roster of unusual suspects including Spiral and Puck? And good guy-gone-bad Bishop looming in the background? Ok I'm intrigued. Great team composition and amazing sunburst coloring.