Yearbook themes 2015

The Psychology of Colors - A Guide for Designers (Infographic)

Exclusive FREE liquorice pompom tutorial

One of the major considerations of branding has to be what the color depicts, represents, and how it speaks to people.

Interesting Car Spread! yearbook themes 2015 | Found on // junk in the trunk sidebar- so creative!

large headline: the headline really is the main visual appeal to the layout because of the colors, the font, and the dominance. the font really flows together with everything else.

i-D magazine cover

The doodler returns: nothing is safe from the crazy cartoon embellishments of Hattie Stewart.

“Yearbook Theme 2015” - A Haiku Deck by Summer Heartt #setyourstoryfree

A presentation by Summer Heartt created with Haiku Deck, free presentation software that is simple, beautiful, and fun.

Image result for Cool Yearbook Covers

Image result for Cool Yearbook Covers