I don't know if I can support the idea that ALL women have been sexually assaulted. Harassed,  yes. I don't know anyone who hasn't been harassed at some point and I was groped in my early twenties when I worked in retail. The point is, it's terribly common.

This is sadly accurate. All women experience harassment, assault, or inappropriate touching by a man. You do NOT get to tell us how to feel about it, nor do you get to say "not all men"

May every young woman recognize early the irrational, inconsistent nature of socially-sanctioned patriarchy and reject it for the ridiculous foolishness that it is. (How do people not see right through this sexist BS?)

The patriarchy proverb, or the backward, constricting, and conflicting rules hurting women in our society.

Yes All Women

#Yes all women! Placing the shootings at Isla Vista in a larger context. The Power of a hashtag!

Yes all women. An eye opening article on rape culture and violence to women worldwide

And all women are incapable of handling their emotions and are therefore rendered bad leaders. Human rights ambassadors change the world, become on at http://www.fuzeus.com

They're right, it is unfair to generalize men.when you're accusing all men of being rapists as opposed to all women being moody. There's a very clear difference between the two comparisons, but you'd be surprised how many people overlook it.

Feminist thoughts - so many wonderful things that I agree with, I had to post and hope people will read, repin and live!

Feminist masterpost - sorry for any bad language, but these arguments are not just valid points, they're real problems

22 Tweets For Women Who Are Just So Done With Bullshit

22 Tweets For Women Who Are Just So Done With Bullshit

Hahaha, and in other news, water is wet *dying* (but so true, very true)

The future neoliberals want is now basically the same as what conservatives want: sustained religious oppression of women, men taking over more of women's spaces, men making a mockery of women by becoming real-life Femininity (the polar opposite and required support structure of masculinity), sustaining the gender binary status quo (hint: transactivism does the opposite of breaking out of the binary!), and the continuation of misogyny via transactivism (read: Patriarchy 2.0).

The underlying message is not "future liberals want" it's "people conservatives want to eradicate"

This simple fact just makes me mad/sad/disappointed in society

Because when girls go to college they're buying pepper spray and rape whistles while guys are buying condoms.

Someone fucking said it.

Yes whenever I'm in a bad mood everyone just assumes that I'm on my fucking period! And when I'm on my period people always ask are you on your period your seem really moody?

but like this "all women are pretty" phrase trend confuses me bc it's so passive ? it's a passive attempt at creating ~*equality*~ when really these issues need to be centered on equity. yes, all women are beautiful. just like yes, all lives matter. but our priorities when decolonizing should not be set on focusing on this obvious notion but instead prioritizing those who don't conform to the eurocentric standards of beauty this phrase normally ignores, you feel?

This image reinforces the notion that every woman put on this earth was made beautiful. This is deconstructing the medias beauty standards of what women need to be beautiful.

Pretending to be nice to patients all day

Pretending to be nice to patients all day