Young Justice

Which TV shows deserve a relaunch more than Heroes?

YOUNG JUSTICE Ok to be truthful I don't like them as much as teen titans.and YES, I know they are more comic accurate but I still think TEEN TITANS was a better show.

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Because everyone knows that the Young Justice is Batman's team hehehe, he stole all their sidekicks.

A friend: we need to find our parents, Another friend: we need  a good idea, Me: No, to do better then the FBI, we need something illogical,  a truly bad idea. *We all look at Ben, my little brother*  Ben: Now that you mention it...

Robin: We need an illogical solution, a truly dumb idea. *All look at Wally* Wally : Now that you mention it.

Young justice the team

With great sadness we share with you the terrible news that Cartoon Netwoork has cancelled the Young Justice TV Series. This was our favorite new TV show.