He said the hair streak wasn't planned but what the hell Zayn, you're always like that. Each time you appear at award shows, you don't just appear, you have plans. Plans on killing me.

zayncangetsome: “ sugarscaper: we want to do unspeakable things to that strand of hair, Zayn Malik ”


expect the unexpected [malik] - {26}

" "Taste the rainbow, be the rainbow, Daddy." Louis likes Skittles Niall likes Louis All rights reserved you steal my story I'll eat your soul *rawr*

le groannn

Zayn Malik thanked One Direction bandmates when he accepted the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music at the Asian Awards

Every Important Moment From The "X Factor" Final

Every Important Moment From The "X Factor" Final

Aat the AMAs, One Direction’s hair stylist Lou Teasdale worked her magic on Zayn Malik: