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From Teddy boy to BeeGee: The singer certainly looked more like Barry Gibb on Wednesday than at the AMAs the week before

Should we talk about how perfect his face is. Or...

Zayn Malik reveals One Direction are writing fourth album & says he still finds people staring at him 'strange' - exclusive

Zayn Malik should stop receiving hate!! Just because someone is a certain religion doesn't mean who can go hate on them!! STOP THE HATE!!! If you were a true directioner you wouldn't care what religion Zayn was and you'd never send hate to them!! I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I HAVE NEVER SENT HATE TO THEM AND NEVER WILL!!

Zayn is amaZAYN! he is an incredible person, he doesn't deserve hate, I don't see how anyone could Hate Zayn, he's a great person! LOVE YOU ZAYN!

12+very+important+GIFs+from+Zayn+Malik's+first+Periscope+broadcast  -

❤️ from that unforgettable Periscope broadcast

In honor of this angel's 22nd birthday, here are some of his perfect moments.

22 Times The World Didn't Deserve Zayn Malik

I'm so annoyed at what happend in lax get a proper job u dicks


Last week at the airport Zayn defended a fan against the paps and she defended Zayn.

Zayn Malik Reveals Why He Would Not Talk About Religion, Fears And Donald Trump! -

Zayn Malik News: Adele to Help Singer Fight Anxiety?

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Zayn Malik - "I don't want a complicated girl, I want a simple bride, that will lie down under the stars with me.