#DBTFreebie - Looking for an activity with little preparation and engaging.... check out this Mandala Resource which is a FREE Download on DBT.

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Beautiful DIY Wall Art Pack For Creative Beginners

Here's a drawing project that could be great for relaxation and expression. Or just doodle time on the airplane.

Follow this simple, six-step drawing pattern to learn how to draw paisley! It may seem like a complex design, but this Craftsy tutorial makes it easy.

How to Draw Paisley in 6 Easy Steps

Paisley might seem impossibly complex, but it's actually a drawing project suitable for just about any level — especially when you break the design down into six simple steps of easy shapes and embell

#zentangle designs. I'm going to try to incorporate some of these into mine

Zentangle DIY ink bubbles tutorial by on deviantART . great inspiration for when I'm drawing and can't figure out what pattern I want to use next. Which happens more often than I'd like to admit. -- what a great idea!

How to Doodle Draw like the Pros Learn Step by by ChubbyMermaid

How to Doodle Draw like the Pros Learn Step by Step how to Doodle Draw for All Ages zentangle style Be a Pro Sell your work