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handmade Zeta Tau Alpha wood sign outline by TheOwlsHootShop

Zeta Tau Alpha Watercolor by SimpleJoysDesign on Etsy

Big Little Sorority - Zeta Tau Alpha - Zeta is Good - Canvas Quote Painting…

Zeta tau alpha strawberry canvas

Zeta tau alpha strawberry canvas, change it to a pineapple for ΑΣΑ!

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crest ring needs to be DG

Luke loves #ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha

Luke Bryan loves Zeta Tau Alpha therefore he loves me.we're meant to be obviously

Zeta Love print Watercolor and Ink print Sorority art

Inspired by ZLAM (Zeta Love and Mine) The foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was love, the greatest of all things. for any ZTA picture shows picture shows