Judy Garland and ziegfeld dancers in “Ziegfeld Girl” 1941 One of the funniest parts is where Gallagher and Shean do their skit.  They are the pair the Sunshine Boys was based on.

Judy Garland and Ziegfeld dancers in "Ziegfeld Girl", 1941 (via Cult of Aphrodite Vintage)

Les filles des Ziegfeld Follies dans les années 1920 Ziegfeld Follies Girls 1920 Broadway 25

Les filles des Ziegfeld Follies dans les années 1920

Hedy Lamarr in Adrian - 1941 - Ziegfeld Girl - Directed by Robert Z. Leonard, Busby Berkeley - Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull

Hedy Lamarr costumed for the film Ziegfeld. This beauty and composer George Antheil invented an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping, necessary for wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day.

~ doris eaton was the last living ziegfield girl living in 2010 ~

Doris Eaton Travis March 1904 to May 2010 Glamorized feminine pulchritude.Doris Eaton Travis was the last of a different er.

The Ziegfeld girls, who worked on the popular theatrical series Zeigfeld Follies, were known for their extravagant and glitzy costumes. We love the outfit Hedy Lamarr wears in the 1941 film Zeigfeld Girl.

hedy lamarr + lana turner in 'ziegfeld / lily cole, stephen jones x dior couture by galliano fw / naomi by paolo roversi”