I love pin up girls, they are just gorgeous and so feminine (something I hardly am) and my obsession of zombies, this fits beautifully

Tattooed Vintage Zombie Art Print by Marcus Jones. so bad ass!

Zombie Pin up

This is an awesome, sexy zombie pin up chick tattoo idea! I think its a classy yet zombie pin up girl.

Zombie Pin up by Vicki-Death on deviantART

Ok its odd, but tattoos should reflect the individual and well.this sort of does LOL. Even the symbolism of holding the brain LOL. Zombie pin-up girl tattoo

Zombie pin-up girl.

Pin-up Zombie Girl I did for a private car club. Done in Photoshop CS. Zombie Girl for Car Club

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Midnight Snack- Sexy Zombie Pin-Up by Castlepop via Etsy

Midnight Snack- Sexy Zombie Pin-Up Art Print