Tuxedo Ideas: FAI- Zoot suit

Zoot suit, An extreme form of the sack suit, the zoot suit had a long jacket with excessively wide shoulders and long wide lapels and trousers that were markedly pegged.

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PACHUCO!!!! A zoot suit outfit that was popular among Mexican American youths in the 1940s.

This is a picture of a boy wearing a Zoot Suit. You can tell this is a Zoot Suit by its long, exaggerated jacket. Zoot Suits were popular for the younger generation in the

Art and the City of Angels (Fall 2011): L.A. 1940-1960: Zoot Suit Riots

Mexican American Zoot suiters Edward James Olmos and ? in the movie Zoot Suit. Would like to know the name of the actress beside Olmos!

A “Pachucha” (Mexican-American women in zoot suits) Rosie From Boyle Heights In The 1940s

A “Pachuca” (Mexican-American women in zoot suits) Rosie From Boyle Heights In The found photo street style casual sweater pants hair

Zoot Suit Riots Gangs | here's the young pachuco zoot suiters who banded together to fight the ...

Gang Member - the first black gangs were formed in reaction to white supremacist gangs such as the "Spook Hunters"

Luis Valdez in a zoot suit / 1945.  The zoot suit was a source of pride among #Pachucos.  It originated in Harlem and became especially popular during WWII when the extravagant style was seen as "unpatriotic."  It conveyed political resistance and played a major role in the Zoot Suit Riots.  #subvert1940s

and entertainer Tin Tan (German Valdez) popularized the zoot suit .

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