i remember

i remember and my childhood was awesome! Yup, I so did this with my little sister . We called it Airplane. My niece Angie

Pretty creepy if ya think about it.

The old halloween costumes that consisted of decorated plastic bag you wore over your body and a creepy mask with a tiny slit for your mouth.

Pocket dictionaries - no computer spell checks for us...

Pocket dictionaries - no computer spell checks for us.Still have my little blue book!

Jumble Sales....

We didn't have overpriced Charity shops, just Jumble Sales every Saturday afternoon in the local church hall

Embassy Cigarette Tokens

Embassy Cigarette 'Coupons' as my mum called them.The ice cream guy would also buy these from people,presumably to redeem for gifts

Omg remember these?

Used to pick these up for my mom when I worked on Liverpool market early

'80s Benetton

United Colors of Benetton Ad. I loved Benetton when I was younger. Northgate plaza Benetton LONG GONE.