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a single leaf is shown on a white background
Photographer Spotlight: Jared Fowler
A selection of delicate photos by Brisbane, Australia-based Jared Fowler. More images below. Jared Fowler on Behance Via: I Love Art
three little birds sitting on top of each other in front of watercolor paint splotches
Quality greeting cards
Long Tailed Tits by Jane Crowther. Design for Bug Art greeting cards.
a drawing of a bird sitting on top of a tree branch with words written below it
Coal Tit ... I like the freshness and sense of life in this watercolor sketch
several birds are sitting on branches with no leaves
Darren Woodhead, Artist
a painting of flowers with chinese writing on it
20181009 埔里紙教堂的野薑花
20181009 埔里紙教堂的野薑花
leaves and branches against a white background
Memory of Green 2004 – 07
Memory of Green 2004 – 07 – Laurie Steen
an abstract painting of flowers and leaves on a white wallpapered background with watercolors
Memory of Green 2004 – 07
Laurie Steen
an abstract painting of leaves and branches on a white background, with green foliage in the foreground
Memory of Green 2004 – 07
the leaves are green and brown on the tree branch in front of white wallpaper
Memory of Green 2004 – 07
watercolor painting of trees in the snow
an onion with long hair on it's head is shown in this watercolor painting
Online Botanical Painting Tuition with Jarnie Godwin