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Spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari. One of the largest eagle rays, it sometimes exceeds 10 feet (3 metres) in width, and can weigh 400 to 500 lbs (181 to 227 kg). Found in the tropical zones of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans

A Spotted Eagle Ray, (Aetobatus narinari.) 1 of the largest Eagle Rays: It sometimes exceeds 10 feet, metres) in width & can weigh 400 to 500 lbs, to 227 kgs.) Found in the tropical zones of The Atlantic, Pacific & Indian Oceans.

Very first birthday cakesmash in underwater world theme like Mermaid in lilac, violet and mint blue colors with princess decor for little baby girl in dress with tail and transparent balloons

Under The Sea Stand In Child; Material:Cardboard This Lifesize Cutout has fold out strut to the rear which means its entirely self supporting.

Under the Sea Stand In (child size) Cardboard Cutout / Standee - Fun for Parties