John Minton (1917 - 1957) THE MATADOR,1949 oil on canvas.

colommes: “blastedheath: “ John Minton (English, The Matador, Oil on canvas, 30 x 20 in.

John Minton - Corsican Scenes

John Minton illustration from 'Time was Away', the travelogue of his travels in Corsica with the poet Alan Ross in 1947

'Kevin Maybury having a nap' by John Minton.

blastedheath: “ John Minton (British, Kevin Maybury having a nap. Ink and wash, 10 x 14 in.

7. Francis John Minton 1917-1957

Minton against Homophobia A photograph of John Minton. Marie Stopes and John Minton in the.

Portrait Sketch John Minton

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John Minton (1917-1957), Young man, seated, 1955

John Minton (English, Young man, seated, Ink and wash, 15 x 11 in.

MINTON John Francis - Portrait of a boy 1951

MINTON John Francis - Portrait of a boy 1951

John Minton

John Minton

John Minton (English, 1917-1957), Seated Man. Ink and wash, 14 ¾ x 11 in

SEATED MAN By John Minton Artwork Description Dimensions: 14 ¾ x 11 in. x 28 cm.) Medium: ink and wash

John MINTON (1917-1957) Seated man. Pencil. Circa 1950.

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John Minton

John Minton