" Spring" by LucyandBart - Lucy McRae, Bart Hess - Described as an "instinctual stalking" of fashion, architecture, performance and the body.

Experimenting is one of the greatest things on all creative fields. I was surfing at fffffound and got to see some crazy, beautifully weird experiments, a collaboration between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess.

museumuesum:  Rebecca Horn  Arm Extensions, 1968  Fabric, wood and metal, dimensions variable

Rebecca Horn, 'Arm Extensions' 1968 - 'Radical Thinkers: the art, sex and politics of feminism Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium Monday 9 February –

Nelly Agassi | Wall Dress, from Pallace of Tears, 2002, Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Nelly Agassi - performance & installation Wall Dress - from Pallace of Tears, Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Embodying Disembodiment « Wearable Technology 1 (Fall 2012)

Lisa Bufano was a disabled (bilateral below-the-knee and total finger-thumb amputee) American interdisciplinary performance artist whose work incorporated elements of doll-making, fabric work, animation, and dance. Lisa Bufano committed suicide in

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