Makaton Christmas words!

Makaton signs for Christmas - one for every day of advent. Share with the whole school in assemblies.

free printable makaton signs - Google Search

Makaton: This uses signs, symbols and speech to communicate with people who cannot communicate effectively. It is important because it has proven effective and can connect people who may not have had a chance before.

Singing Hands: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas - with Makaton - YouTube

I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas.This one I will post just because my wife likes it, enjoy Susan.

Grid player is free and helps people who cannot speak or who have unclear speech to communicate. Sentences that you create are spoken out loud.

Another great FREE AAC app! Grid Player is a great alternative and augmentative communication program. And this free AAC is loaded!

The Makaton Charity

The Makaton Charity: Communication methods for those who are non-verbal

Inclusive Communication - Essexf

This website has lots of resources, including communication passports, device overlays, and visual schedules

Communication- Inclusive

Communication- Inclusive

Sharing Day Feb 2015 - Essex Ice

Sharing Day Feb 2015 - Essex Ice

Tips for communicating with deaf children

Resources aimed at helping hearing people communicate with deaf children.