Sensory Garden Discovery Tub

Sensory Garden Discovery Tub Lots of visually stunning decorations with auditory elements. Interactive learning also with the Butterfly Garden, Garden Spider Web Frame, Animal Magnifying Glasses.

Relax Time Fun Kit

An innovative range of inexpensive sensory kits aimed to aid development and learning, each themed around specific activities, suitable for home, travel or classroom use. All supplied with a 'Explore Your Senses' handy storage Fun Kit Bag.

Matilda Magical Unicorn - Switch Adapted

Watch this Magical Unicorn gallop and make noises as it moves across the room.

Mohdoh - CALM

ADHD and Autism sensory toys. Specially selected sensory toys ideal for Autism and ADHD toddlers, children and adults. A wide range from Explore Your Senses Online Sensory Toy Store

Voice Changer

Resources to help children to participate in daily life and enoucourage reluctant talkers

Chewy Heart Necklace - available in 4 colours

It is widely recognised that many children who have sensory issues find chewing a way of remaining calm.

Prismatic Projector

Hand Held Prismatic Projector -visually stunning in dark area/special needs toy -