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a stuffed animal with black and white spots on it's ears, has a tag attached to its ear
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several stuffed animals are lined up in a circle on the floor with their eyes open
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a small stuffed animal sitting on top of a purple and yellow rock in the snow
Snail Pincushion, Needle Felted Snail Miniature, Gift for Sewers, Fall Leaf Autumn Decor MADE TO ORDER Purple Rust Natural Wool Decor - Etsy UK
there are many different stuffed animals in this photo
Authentic Nepalese Art and Handicrafts
Love the walrus guy!
a quote that reads, creative people are curious flexible present and independent with a tremendous spirit
Henry Matisse quote about creativity! Love it! Check out my creative corner at
a green toy with blue eyes sitting on top of a white surface
Miniature Chameleon Magnet felted Chameleon Magnet-needle Felted Chameleon Magnet-cameleon Doll-animal Magnet-animal Home Decor - Etsy