Naomi Canfield

Naomi Canfield

Naomi Canfield
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Love this romantic wedding photo of the bride and groom walking down a path together.

I love this picture! Bride and groom taking their first steps down the journey called life! - white womens dress, white dresses for women, maxi evening dresses with sleeves *ad

L - We both like this picture but hopefully Phil has a happier face than this one

Wedding Day Photo Ideas So I love that this is Downton but I just can't express how much I would want a shot like this at my wedding! Or backwards - From behind me to his smiling face!

Wedding Picture Ideas - Must Have Wedding Photos | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine................. totally cool photos!

Pinky Promise showing off the wedding rings - ah, I'm in love with this photo idea. When Joey and I pinky promise we kiss our pinkies together. might make a cute picture!