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Lace and pearls

Lace and pearls 💎

Sexy lips are irresistible! #Lips #Lipstick #Beauty #Fashion #AmplifyBuzz www.AmplifyBuzz.com

Matte Lips How To: to make any lipstick seem latte, dab a tiny bit of foundation on your lips first, then applying a coat of lipstick. Blot with a tissue. Keep applying lipstick and blotting until you reach your desired level of matte.

Illamasqua Sophie / Cut crease tutorial

The Illamasqua Sophie-i smoky eye technique allows you to not only express your individuality, but discover new depth and definition in your eyes. Tips para maquillaje de ojos

Summery looks

Take a look at our collection of summer eyeshadow tutorials and find the one that you think will look great on you. They may look hard and demanding.