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Validating Old Place Names That No Longer Exist Old Maps, Place Names, Long A, Ancestry, Genealogy, British, Places, Tips, Collection

Validating Old Place Names That No Longer Exist - Family Tree Tips

Find out here how to validate old place names and find out where they really were and what they are called now using old maps and other resources.

Often when searching the GRO Indexes or searching for people with particularly common surnames you might find yourself with a few, possibilities as to which is the correct certificate. Birth And Death, A Child Is Born, Birth Certificate, Surnames, How To Know, Ancestry, Genealogy, Wales, Searching

How To Know Which GRO Index Is The Correct One - Family Tree Tips

Learn how to figure out which Month of the quarter a child was born in when searching the GRO Indexes and choose which GRO Index is the correct one!

The UK Protestation Returns of are the closest thing that we have to a census. Ancestry, Genealogy, Searching, British, Names, Tips, Collection, Search, Family Tree Diagram

Searching The UK Protestation Returns of 1641/1642 - Family Tree Tips

Find out how to search the 1641/1642 Protestation Returns - The next best thing after census returns and the only pre-1841 full country survey!

Most people can trace their tree back to at least the using conventional methods such as Birth/Marriage/Death and Census records but not many realise they can go back a lot further than this using other record collections. Great Websites, Genealogy Research, 17th Century, Ancestry, Family History, Birth, At Least, Marriage, English

Sources for 15th-17th Century Genealogy Research - Family Tree Tips

Trace your family history using 15th to 17th century research techniques with this extensive list of great websites and resources!

Whilst it's great learning about your ancestors, a lot of people neglect to learn about the places they lived or even the land they they might have owned or worked on. Local Map, Ancestry, Genealogy, United Kingdom, Maps, British, Europe, Website, Usa

Websites To Help You Find Old Local Maps - Family Tree Tips

Click here to view a list of great websites and sources to use to find old local maps from an enormous date range with varying types.

A lot of my personal research has been around the Manchester and Lancashire area. So I've used a lot of sources in my research, these "Extra" resources used along with the usual suspects (Ancestry, FamilySearch etc.) can yield some very colourful results. Manchester Lancashire, Family Search, Family Genealogy, Ancestry, British, Tips, Collection, England, Counseling

Manchester & Lancashire Genealogical tips - Family Tree Tips

Check out all our tips on Manchester & Lancashire Genealogy/Family Tree Building. There are lots of records and source collections to look at!

Almost everyone will have someone in their tree that fought during the First World War (Or Great War). Naturally people we love finding these ancestors as it tends to fill us with a massive sense of national pride. Wwi, Ancestry, We The People, First World, Genealogy, World War, How To Find Out, Fill, Pride

Find out about your WWI Ancestors with these great tips - Family Tree Tips

If you're researching your WWI Ancestors these tips and sources will drastically improve the depth and breadth of your searches.

Unfortunately sometimes you might come across a Birth, Christening, Adoption or any other vital record that has the fathers name omitted. Marriage Records, Birth Records, Vital Records, Birth Certificate, Ancestry, Genealogy, Christening, Fathers, How To Find Out

6 Reasons Why a Fathers Name would be Missing from a Document - Family Tree Tips

Unfortunately sometimes you might come across a Birth, Christening, Adoption or any other vital record that has the fathers name omitted. Most of the time this will result in a massive brick wall that is nearly impossible to break down, so it’s important to find out why the fathers name was left off in the first place if you are to have any hope of finding out who he was. Some possible reasons are: Reason 1: A fling The mother might... Read More Read More