AMAZING! The Eye Project at North Park University.

the eye project (side) A North Park University community art project. Participants made images of fellow North Park students (or in a couple cases, faculty). 67 blocks total, mounted on a gold-leafed circle.guess the kids in the drawing

Soap foam macros  #photography #macro_photography #mytumblr

Soap foam macro photography - this would make a stunning window or a beautiful pot or piece of glass or a textile, a brilliant example of natural form

JILL GALLENSTEIN     :::   gorgeous pen and ink drawings

Jill Gallenstein (B. 1975 Columbus, Ohio) is a multimedia artist whose most recent body of work includes pen and ink drawings. She received her MFA from New York University in and her BFA from The Columbus College of Art and Design in

expression reference for artists | Expressions Reference Project by chronicdoodler on deviantART

drawing art people head face person draw human expressions Anatomy different emotions reference emotion tutorial angle mood expression facial angles references moods facial expressions reference project ferp

Water Soluble Graphite w/ Mixed Media, close-up of self - Conway High School Art Project

Check out student artwork posted to Artsonia from the Close-up Selfie Portrait w/ Mixed Media project gallery at Conway High School.

The Daily Dish 2013 — Amazing petri dish painting by Klari Reis

The Daily Dish 2013 — Amazing petri dish painting by Klari Reis. These are amazing examples of beautiful color palettes.

Thomas Saliot Painting | Browse Art Painting Thomas Saliot close up Catherine tear

close up Catherine tear

Close up green eye freckles , Thomas Saliot.

Close up green eye freckles (sold) Painting by Thomas Saliot