graphic design style- antigirl fall07 wouldn't it be awesome if the prep boards looked like this?

16 - Love this mix of paint with photos and what appear to be magazine pages! Create a layout inspired by these collages. - I just really love collage style pieces. whether mix media or not. just love the feel of the expression


I'm loving Laura Luchtman. A Swedish designer who created these beautiful fashion designs and some make up creations out of the purple, blue, green, and white iridescence of the northern lights/aurora borealis.

A patchwork maxi dress is perfect for an uber glamorous picnic or posing on a Hamptons porch

When the Hamptons met the Wild West: Classic British designer Jasper Conran channels pure Americana for his spring/summer collection in London

Jasper Conran - patchwork dress - London Fashion Week,,,A Hexie dress for Helen

Avant-Garde Fashion Collages - Dash Magazine by Ashkan Honarvar Showcases Excess in Minimalism (GALLERY)

Avant-Garde Fashion Collages


Creative Fashion Sketchbook page with drawing, annotation and fabric samples - the fashion design process // Connie Blackaller

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design research & development with experimental textile samples - cool layouts; fashion portfolio

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design research & development with experimental textile samples - cool layouts;

But we do need fundamental, psychological revolution, and this revolution is order; and order is peace; and this order --with its virtue and peace; can only come about when you come directly into contact with "disorder" in your daily life. Then out of that blossoms "goodness" and then there will be no seeking anymore. For that which is, is sacred ✣ J. Krishnamurti ✣ Awakening of Intelligence

I like this painting because it has a lot of colors splashing right up into the air. I also noticed that the painter used primary and secondary colors. I think the artist made the background black so that the colors will really stand out. By:Amr Almatrafi

Rachel Hunnicutt: Petri Dish art quilt

Hand Embroidered Art Quilt - Petri Dish by cornflowerbluestudio used to sit and do embroidery by the hour with my Graya.nothing this beautiful though, truly a work of art!

Peppered with tiny square cutouts, this sleeveless Carven dress exhibits a modish aesthetic with a unique intrigue and elegance.

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