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Nunzio Paci's Anatomical Art Explores The Relationship Between Man And Nature

Another piece by my favourite artist Nunzio Paci. I love the bonsai tree emerging from eith the womb or (a kidney?). It is dynamic and has strong movement throughout, the eye is taken around the painting. I love how he incorporates graphite with oil paint and leaves it partially sketched in. The pops of colour make it insteresting for the eye. -VL

The relationship between humans and nature explored by Nunzio Paci

Title: From flesh to soil, from soil to flesh / Dalla carne alla terra, dalla terra alla carne Dim: cm Tecnique: oil and pencil on canvas / olio, matita su tela Year: 2014

New Anatomical Graphite And Oil Paintings By Nunzio Paci

New Anatomical Graphite And Oil Paintings By Nunzio Paci

Italian artist Nunzio Paci continues to explore the relationship between human and nature with his new series of anatomical graphite and oil paintings.


Nunzio Paci Solo Show ”In the Garden of Idne” Opening December 2014 Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen

The Anatomical Work of Nunzio Paci

Nunzio Paci Drawings - study on paper ‘Botrytis on bovine’ 'Herbavore’ Drawings - study on paper 'My brother is a tree and I am his roots’

photo The slow sprouting of the flesh_zpshwae1nst.jpg

Italian artist Nunzio Paci's fantastical newest pieces are showing with Officine dell'Immagine at Art Stage Singapore this weekend through January 2016

Nunzio Paci

Top 10 Artists: '2014' edition

Nunzio Paci is an artist from Bologna, Italy, who creates paintings exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

nunzio paci: reviews, features, interviews

nunzio paci: reviews, features, interviews

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