At its essence, a student sketchbook should emulate that of a practising artist…

Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative examples

evidence of first-hand research, quick confident gestural drawings showing a response to this environment, and scrawled annotation, these sketchbook pages – showing the development of ideas for a sculpture entitled ‘Stone Egg’ – .

✈ Carnets de voyages ✈

i love sketches with writing and labels - by cathy johnson, Travel Journal - Watercolor - Art

Ways to improve your sketchbook!

My sketchbook and journal merge together. What great things to keep in mind! Thank you kelly and Mary too! 10 ways to improve your sketchbook Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy journalling journal

Anton Pieck

Anton Pieck Dutch painter, a painter and graphic artist. At the age of 11 he won his first prize for a still life. To paint in oil, has worked with watercolors, created etchings, engraving.

Natural forms sketches

24 creative sketchbook examples to inspire Art students