Marie Hudelot Heritage, portraits.

Portraits of Global Heritage

In this beautiful photographic series of conceptual portraits artist, Marie Hudelot explored the symbolic attributes shared between east and west family legacy, specifically between France and Alge.

Gillian Wearing OBE, ‘'I'm desperate'’ 1992-3

Gillian Wearing OBE ‘‘I’m desperate’’, © Gillian Wearing, courtesy Maureen Paley/ Interim Art, London She stops people in the street, gives them a pen and paper then asks them to write whatever they feel like.

Cindy Sherman- self portrait

POSTMODERN PHOTOGRAPHY- Cindy Sherman- "Untitled Film Still CS meticulously recreates scenes that look very much like B- Movie stills, which could be a subtle commentary on our view of women

Yvonne Todd is amazing

recent work by yvonne todd. [all yvonne todd. top to bottom: pipe study (detail).