Veronicastrum virginicum album. A couple of clumps of this at the back of the border would be dramatic. There is also a purple one….

Culver's root (Veronicastrum virginicum, zones 3 to Wildlife loved - this plant has spiky white flowers that butterflies, moths and bees adore.Makes a perfect rain garden addition.

Palladian Blue & Hollingsworth Green

24 Best New Color Combinations for 2018

Try blue and green for walls and trim. "I like washed-out blue walls, surrounded by the most heavenly shade of green for the trim. It reminds me of the changing colors of the ocean on a sunny day


Astrantia major - isotähtiputki shade-tolerant, long-flowering and very long-lived perennials in the garden and cut for a vase - cottage garden favourites.

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Tianjin Qiaoyuan Park by Turenscape Landscape Architecture « Landscape Architecture Works

Arrowroot & Phantom "The Swedes were brilliant at using paint to create architectural detail, even where there was none, and we followed their example in a dining room. The walls were painted Arrowroot, a chalky white, and then we outlined them in a slightly darker shade to mimic an 18th-century trim. The colors are pale and dreamy, as if you were seeing them by candlelight." -CAROL GLASSER: PRATT & LAMBERT ARROWROOT 29-32; PHANTOM 11-31

21 Color Combinations for the Truly Fearless