Sandra Pearce: Playing with monoprints

Sandra Pearce: Playing with monoprints - interesting technique, she uses real plants to get the initial image

Bubbles against glass

INSPIRATION Even if you made an ordered foam, the evolution processes would quickly introduce disorder.

Observational drawing experimenting with pencil, pen, paint and stitch.

Observational drawing, experimenting with pencil, pen, paint and stitch. I could draw and experiment with drawing dead or alive flowers

keep drawing, use a book to colllect scribbles,doodles, notes and sketches .  Becca Stadtlander sketchbook

Leah and I were so excited when Becca responded quickly about being part of the sketchbook series. And who wouldn’t be, her sketchbooks are simply .

polymer clay floral imprint pendants.

These are made from polymer clay, look like a stone.pick a flower or plant and lay on top of a small piece of clay and use a rolling pin to make an imprint in the clay, let it harden, paint, and add a magnet to the back

Love the prepared background here, adds so much more interest to the image.

Breadth Idea Mixed Media Still Life - subject matter in color- done in oil pastel or colored pencil- all other objects done in ebony pencil. Emphasis/composition/color/value (shading)