Fry-watering detail: Tjalf is considered one of the most important painters working in the field of 'mega-realism'

A feast for the eyes: Artist's incredible oil paintings of food look good enough to eat

This manipulation is very effective in representing a real struggle in daily life. While it is exagerated, the message is clear and shows stuggle. Overall this design is very strong in is use of representing daily life.

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Pedro Campos

This is a hyper-realistic oil painting by Pedro Campos. A friend asked me the point of hyper-realism other than a demonstration of skill. I love art for its power to evoke emotion, but as beautiful as this painting is, I don’t feel anything.

This is a painting. Believe it.

Hyper photorealistic paintings by Steve Mills. Steve Mills is a hyper-realistic painter. He’s been painting since his early childhood, After seeing Richard Estesan’s exhibition in Boston, photorealism became his primary painting technique.

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