"Book" Shelves

Create Book Shelves, Literally

neat diy shelf idea using books (from real simple). personally might use different brackets, but could be cool. For Rosie's office

Polaroid / Instagram wall

old photos/post cards as diy wall paper in a laundry room or utility room.family photos and animals. you want to see all those pics of your children and dogs and cats!

How to organize your house using the #KonMari method.

I'm Trying the KonMari Method & So Far, I Love It

Maybe you’ve heard of the KonMari method. (AKA the book, The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up.) It’s written by Japanese tidying guru Marie Read

Boat/Beach Hut

Original Framed fabric picture. Boat/Beach Hut. Shabby chic.Laura Ashley

Beach hut framed textile art.

A summery textile beach hut picture. I have used linen and cotton fabrics for the design which has been appliquéd and machine embroidered' The textile art has been framed in a sturdy white frame.

Lighthouse/Beach Hut. Technically not illustration but close enough...

Original Framed fabric picture. Lighthouse/Beach Hut. Shabby chic.Laura Ashley

I like the quilt/ collage concept of this Lighthouse/Beach Hut. - but maybe for a different beach scene - nautical stuff