Artist painter Yongsung Heo

Yong Sung Heo

South Korean artist Yong Sung Heo paints pale figures, seeking to examine the "inner psychological world" of young people today. The almost.

Pour paintings by artist Holton Rower

Pour paintings by Holton Rower

Holton Rower - "Pour Paintings" - created by carefully pouring paint over plywood. Video at the end of the post shows how this art form takes shape The Hole w.

james rawson visualizes pop culture through painting + collage

The paintings of the British artist James Rawson, defined as a postmodern pop artist, who mixes painting and collage to create explosive and colorful

Hikari Shimoda artist painter

Hikari Shimoda

Hikari Shimoda - Whereabouts of God 1 - 2012 - Oil on canvas - 727 ×

Buamai - Fjärrhandske / By Simon Stålenhag

Sci-Fi, a selection of paintings by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, who populates his creations with futuristic elements borrowed from science fiction, with

speciesbarocus:  William Logsdail - St. Paul’s and Ludgate Hill (c. 1884).

Paul’s and Ludgate Hill London England by William Logsdail, circa 1884

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