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You should do what you said you were going to do tha one time before you got all tired and then got super busy and pretty much forgot.

All the stages of Disney; SO TRUE!! grew up on bronze, liked silver, LOVE Rennasiance, and Revival blew me away

All the stages of Disney; SO TRUE! Though I'd like to say the the Rescuers, and like the dark ages held some of my faves, Oliver and company, The Great mouse detective, and Fox and the hound. Though I grew up in the Renaissance Era of Disney

ariel Fanpop hates her. I like that she's selfish. Women should be selfish and go after what they want. She went after her dreams. She was curious, friendly, bubbly, brave, hyper, adventurous and fun. She was a hoarder. She was romantic and passionate. I loved her relationship with prince Eric. They saved each other and were in love. They toured the kingdom. I like rebellious people . She was sweet in a friendly, bubbly way. She wanted to learn about a new culture and was a dreamer.

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