patio wall

An idea to fix a broken tile area. Don't tear out the wall of tile, make light of it! Caulk the broken/missing tile to waterproof, then add an air fern (kitchen backsplash) or a fake plant (shower or tub area).

Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread, Dog, Leg Stair, correction fluid and ink on graph paper, x 30 cm.

philippe gueguen

philippe gueguen

philippe gueguen - I am not sure if this has function or is just gorgeous. Everything can be beautiful.

Alice (by Jan Svankmajer)

Alice is a 1988 Czech surrealist fantasy film by Jan Švankmajer. It retells Lewis Carroll's first 'Alice' book, Alice's Adventures in Wond.

Vesta. From

Astronomia card deck, an astronomically themed Victorian card game published in

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