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“Duh!” Decorating Moments

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Sleek in design, this wood radiator cover would suit a contemporary scheme. Wood, particleboard and melamine.

Decorative Cover For A Window Air Conditioner

How To Build A Decorative Cover For A Window Air Conditioner . build a decorative box to go around your air conditioner .

Radiator Cabinets are made of MDF panels and covered with color PVC foil, so there's no need of painting. Radiator Cabinets are easy to keep clean. MDF is water retardant. - See more at: https://www.3dmodular.co.uk/radiator-cabinets/Radiator-Cabinet-PDA02-GEO-High-Gloss

Radiator Cabinets - The highest quality of finishing gives to Radiator Cabinets the exquisite look. Yes, you get the product ready to fit, covered with PVC color foil, no painting needed.