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If 9 Of Your Favorite Franchises Were Turned Into Anime

If 9 Of Your Favorite Franchises Were Turned Into Anime, love the finding nemo…


what a pokemon and a powerpuff girls have in common? thinking about it I thought it would be fun to do this drawing, associating each. MY POKEMON self- PPGZ-RRBZ-JJBZ-PPNKG

mlp friendship games twilight - Google Search

finished to draw twilight sparkle in evil version from the movie of MLP EG friendship games (pls. do not repost without a permission) Thank you! Evil Twilight Sparkle [MLP EG:FriendshipGames]

Sun Rage by aJVL on DeviantArt

the movie was so good. Sunset Shimmer for best humanized pony. --- My Other EQG Fanarts --- Sun Rage

Princess Gaia, the Life Warder by JaDeDJynX

I decided to go ahead to challenge myself to make an Alicorn OC that doesnt look like shit. Ive seen sooo many alicorn OCs in my time in this fandom tha. Princess Gaia, the Life Warder

Lady Death Variant Cover by TonyFleecs on DeviantArt

Well it is-- but it's not a MY LITTLE pony-- It's more of a horse really. Pencils, inks and colors by ME!