print room yellow

Print Room Yellow -- Farrow & Ball mixed this colour for an early restoration of an century print room.


Farrow & Ball - Skylight A definite light blue, works with Parma Gray.

hague blue

Entrance (front) Door and Jam: Hague Blue: A strong blue, reminiscent of Dutch external woodwork.

manor house gray

Manor House Gray No. 265 A traditional century colour. A definite grey which also sits happily in contemporary interiors.

strong white

Strong White - Paint Colours - Farrow & Ball kitchen island, hob run cabinets

yellow ground

Yellow Ground - Farrow & Ball Wall Colour for my hallway. Use with White and Black Framed Photographs

London stone

London Stone - Paint Colours - Farrow & Ball 1 of 5 best neutrals says Jane Lockhart

india yellow

Farrow & Ball - India Yellow - / "First available in England in the century this pigment was produced by reducing the bright yellow urine of cows fed on a special diet of mango leaves.

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