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Tattoo Artist - Niki Norberg - Sports tattoo I don't even like soccer but damn this is sick

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Unruly fans light a bonfire in the stands of a chaotic derby match between Red Star and Partizan in Belgrade

The skinhead culture in the UK derived from working class young people.  The CCCS of the Birmingham Universities studied youth cultures and named them sub-cultures because they were resistant to mainstream culture.  The skinhead culture resisted beauty ideals by shaving their heads and their clothing style (boots, shirts and braces) represented that they are working class. Skinheads emerged during a time of the erosion of the working class.  Their particular style had symbolic resistance.

Excerpt from Nick Knight’s 1982 book ‘Skinhead’ showcasing facial tattoos

Benfica - Porto  Estádio da Luz  No Name Boys Topo Sul

Benfica - Porto Estádio da Luz No Name Boys Topo Sul

Fenerbahçe's Championship Celebration - 23.05.2011

Fenerbahçe's Championship Celebration - 23.05.2011