Rebecca Horn, Mechanischer Körperfächer (body fan 2)

Rebecca Horn, Mechanischer Körperfächer (body fan via Rolu / Vintage Movement

Unicorn.  Rebecca Horn.  Sculpture, Performance

Rebecca Horn, Unicorn, 1970 A still from an early film made in 1970 about the ‘Einhorn’ ('Unicorn’) performance, in which a woman walks through the countryside for 12 hours with the 'Unicorn’ object.

Rebecca Horn, Scratching Both Walls at Once, 1974-1975.

Rebecca Horn, Berlin Exercises Film ‘Touching the walls with both hands simultaneously’ photo by Helmut Wietz

Rebecca Horn  "The Feather Prison Fan 1978"

Rebecca Horn - official website The Feathered Prison Fan, 1978

Rebecca Horn.      Website

Rebecca Horn, Finger Gloves, 1972 "Ideas of touch and sensory awareness are explored in this work.