Sophie Jodoin

portraits of my mother fusain, pastel et acrylique sur papier stonehenge noir / charcoal, pastel and acrylic on black stonehenge paper, 76 x 56 cm / 30 x

the cherished ones - sophie jodoin

Sophie Jodoin / The Cherished Ones / 2010 / Conté, Acrylic and Watercolour on Mylar / h: x w: cm

Sophie Jodoin

mianoti: “ Sophie Jodoin * War series Perpetrators Victims Other Things black gesso, conté and mylar on on stonehenge paper Inspired by Goya’s Disasters Of War ”

Sophie Jodoin

war series: helmets & gasmasks – sophie jodoin

Helmets & Gasmasks, conté sur mylar / conté on mylar, x 28 cm / 14 x Sophie Jodoin

Sophie Jodoin

Sophie Jodoin (Canadian, b. Montreal, Quebec) - From Bathroom Scene series Paintings: Oil on Paper

Sophie Jodoin. Homicides, 2008.

Sophie Jodoin, Homicide huile sur mylar / oil on mylar, 28 x cm / 11 x…