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This is obviously a picture of money. This relates to the book because Jason is given money from both his parents to either make him forget about their mistakes, or look better than the other parent.

Dollar at low, weighed down by soft data - The Rakyat Post

"To remind me that this is my life, and my story. When I look at this, I remember that I am strong, and that I, not those around me, am responsible for my own happiness. And by that same token, no one can bring me down. I’ve got this; I don’t need to be saved."

"I'm the hero of this story." I would get this, most def. It sort of resembles my battle through depression, and how I was the hero, I saved myself. "Be the hero of your story" ~Big Fish The Musical

LOVE BOMB craft!  Love it!

Cut shape out of contact paper and place on a canvas, coat canvas around shape with glue, put confetti in a paper bag, blow air into bag and pop bag over canvas.