Wall mounted kraft paper roll to keep temporary notes!

Industrial paper roll message board for the kitchen or office. Neat idea, but I think I'll use a roll of craft paper from the Dollar Tree instead. Idk where to get a roll of industrial paper to begin with, and I'm sure craft paper is cheaper.

This is the most genius thing I have seen in a while!! Totally uses that dead space in the closet and keeps it really easily accessible... MUST DO!!

Genius way to store wrapping paper! Uses that dead space in the closet and keeps wrapping paper easily accessible.

Why Didn't I Think of That: Pebble-Filled Tray

Pebble-Filled Tray

tray + rocks = good place to put dirty, muddy, wet shoes when you get in the house. This will be in the mud room of my dream house one day. Yes, there will be a mudroom.

Great ideas for upcycling old tins. In this photo, just add a magnet to the back of small tins to use on the fridge.

What a fun idea. Turn tea tins into fridge magnets! Or white board magnets. This just gave me a great idea.I have some vintage spice tins that are not displayed very well.I should just make them into magnets!


photography by luisa brimble. sibella court's the society inc shop. Studio space for writers, artists, crafters, creatives.

Entertainment center turned into cupboard

Cute craft cabinet cute pretty crafty organize organization organizing neat organization ideas being organized organization images cabinet


Make your own string dispenser for bakers twine, garden jute or even yarn. Who needs an expensive yarn dispenser?

Glossy Peacock Blue.

The Best Bookshelves Have This In Common

Walls in a custom peacock-blue lacquer gives depth & richness to the library by Seven Gambrel. The leather sofa & King George club chair were designed by Gambrel & made by Dune. The silkscreen is by Andy Warhol

Use a drink dispenser if you’re tired of looking at that ugly Tide bottle.

Using a drink dispenser for the laundry room, really who has time to make their laundry room."for laundry room.instead of the ugly tide bottle, use a drink dispenser for detergent---so smart and attractive, too!

77 Gorgeous Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design

77 Gorgeous Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design

Home office - may be too girly for hubs! workspace, black room, home office, scandinavian interior, stylizimo Home office design - Home and .

lassi cups to corral makeup brushes

oriental recycling silver cups as makeup storage, screw storage, perfect for the royal family drinking cups.

Bathroom Shelves: Open shelves let you see things at a glance.

An Industrial Chic Bathroom in Los Angeles

Designed by Deirdre Doherty, this old bathroom in Los Angeles now looks fresh with a touch of industrial chic.


blue grey wooden shelves, vintage style while Electric Schoolhouse pendant lighting. blue and white kitchens. vintage painted GROCERY sign looks awesome above the storage baskets and shelves