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Filmsticks All-Weather Clapper Sticks 🎬Premium Quality Professional/ On Set/ Motion Pictures 📸
Highest quality Clapperboard Sticks, Slates and accessories for the Film Industry. Our line of lightweight, Resin Sticks have been dubbed a game changer by professional Camera Assistants/ Lighter and more streamlined than wooden versions. They are significantly more hard wearing. They have no reaction to water which can warp the shape and dull the sound of wooden sticks.
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Filmsticks Clapperboards (USA) - Premium Quality Clapperboard Kits - Clapperboard Kits Medium (FCBM-USA)
Included in this kit is a USA layout slate Industry standard All-Weather Sticks and Acrylic Boards make up our Clapperboard kit, which have been used for many years in the UK Film market. Made from ABS Resin, making it durable in all types of weather. 3.5mm insert for the board/slate, Filmsticks Clappersticks can accept boards/slates with slightly different thickness. Designed with a patented Tongue and Groove insert to allow for gripping marking tape when measuring distance, prevents light from
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Hong Kong Filming
On this day in 1974, shooting on The Man With The Golden Gun moved to Hong Kong