Finlay Houlton

Finlay Houlton

Melksham / 21. has a ridiculous love affair with pizza going... its real. loves a good book, but loves music more!! self confessed harry potter nut and all round oddity...
Finlay Houlton
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The final episode!!

Ross: You really think we'll make it in time? Phoebe: Hey, I didn't have my license taken away because I drive carefully. Friends TV show quotes;


charming life pattern: Friends - ross - chandler - quote - wait a second .


"Who loses fifty coin tosses in a row? Head she wins, tails I lose. Wait a minute." "Yes, Joe?" "I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning!" -Joey and Chandler, Friends

Friends- best show in the world!

Great quotes from Friends. I always say everything in life can be related back to FRIENDS. :) my're my lobster.

love this episode!!

Where is Monica? Some girl ate Monica! The camera adds 10 pounds! So, how many cameras are actually on you?

friends, ross geller, rachel green

Well, they didn't realize that they always loved each other till the last one.