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Bake-Sale Pie Cupcakes

Bake-Sale Pie Cupcakes These berry pie cupcakes are as easy as. The blueberry and cherry filling is blue or red candies, and the frosting is tinted to look like a lattice crust. i love this but pink with yummy strawberry filling

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Piping a Flower on a CupcakeA cupcake top is the perfect spot to plant a flower! Think of the circular surface as a flower nail on which you can pipe petal

Mochaccino Cupcakes

Mochaccino Cupcakes: Chocolate cupcakes flavored with fresh brewed coffee and mini chocolate chips and topped with swirls of coffee buttercream.

Stiletto tutorial by Verusca Walker

You will need: 1 of red fondant. 1 teaspoon of Tylose (CMC) of black fondant. Template Nife cornflour smover rolling pin fondant glue (Tylose w. high heel gumpaste shoe step-by-step