Fiona Castiglia

Fiona Castiglia

Fiona Castiglia
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Does anyone else have panic attacks just thinking about what to wear in photos? I feel like I'm awful at choosing the right outfit for mys...

Open closets look rubbish. Curtains instead of doors is also an entirely ghastly idea

Finally, an off the shelf solution to attic sloping ceilings! Zebedee provides masses of Hanging space in angled ceilings previously too awkward to use!

Zebedee Hanging Rail is specifically designed for sloping ceilings. Perfect for dormer bedrooms, loft conversions or under stairs alcoves! This one is Zebedee Red.

Tessa Barton x Urban Outfitters Home - NYC apartment

Tessa Barton x Urban Outfitters Home - NYC apartment Click That link to view our women's clothing section and much more! We offer many high quality products at Discount Rates!

Starting to sound like a broken record now. Annex to main room, clever use of space, easily accessible closet, light, stark simple design!

Want to live like a celebrity? Take a look at these luscious boudoirs, walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms for inspiration for organising your own closet.