"Krisis," by Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1923  ( war / photography / art / collage / russian / soviet / photo montage  )

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Krizis (Crisis), gelatin silver photograph after original photomontage made for Lët: Avio-stikhi in

Alexander Rodchenko, cover Mess Mend by Jim Dollar (Marietta Shaginyan), 1924

Alexander Rodchenko, cover Mess Mend by Jim Dollar (Marietta Shaginyan), 1924 Russian Construtivism

Alexander Rodchenko

'Shabolovka Radio Tower, Moscow, Russia' by English photographer Richard Pare The tower was designed in 1922 by Russian engineer & architect Vladimir Shukhov via arch daily

Aleksandr Rodchenko & Varvara Stepanova, poster for the film Kino-glaz

Aleksandr Rodchenko & Varvara Stepanova Aleksandr Rodchenko - Kino-glaz (Cine-Eye) poster for the film Kino-glaz by Dziga Vertov, lithography. Collection of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

'Constructivism: the ism that just keeps givin', by Patrick Burgoyne, 7 August 2008. A useful article on the impact Constructivism has had on Graphic Design. Includes many fascinating examples and Moholy Nagy piece is stunning.

Constructivism: the ism that just keeps givin'

Franz Ferdinand album cover, designed by Matthew Cooper which reworks a famous Rodchenko photomontageof

Vladimir Mayakovsky by Alexander Rodchenko -Painting, Drawing, Collage, Design, Photography-

Aleksander Rodchenko, Photomontage for Vladimir Mayakovsky’s “Conversations with a Tax Collector About Poetry”, 1926

Alexander Rodchenko photographs from the monograph, Rodchenko Photography 1924–1954.

Beyond Man Ray: essential avant-garde photography – in pictures

It's an Alexander Rodchenko sort of day! Girl with a Leica, 1934 (c) A. Rodchenko - V. Stepanova Archive, Moscow House of Photography. © Estate of Alexander Rodchenko/VAGA

Alexandre Mikhaïlovitch Rodtchenko  1891 - 1956 Александр Михайлович Родченко Artiste russe à la fois peintre, sculpteur, photographe et designer

kvetchlandia: “ Aleksandr Rodchenko Cover for Vladimir Mayakovsky’s Poem “Pro Eto,” Moscow 1923 ”

Grandes Fotógrafos: Alexander Rodchenko (1891-1956) : Caborian. Comunidad de fotografía. Foros, tutoriales, noticias, concursos

A great photographer who defined Russian photography. Particularly remembered for his sports photography, moved to Israel in 1972